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Profitable betting

We would like to give you our 5 most important rules to turn betting into a profitable investment. If you ask us, an individual who wants to be successful in online betting should uncompromisingly adhere to these 5 golden rules of betting explained in this betting guide.

Bet only with money you can afford to lose

As with the vast majority of things in life, money is the vital factor in betting.

The ultimate imperative of each bettor needs to be to bet only with money he can afford to lose.

It’s the most important principle at the stock market for investors to earn profit with money that isn’t needed for everyday expenses. Also, it’s the most important principle for customers following tipsters on the sports betting market as well.

Bankroll management

To optimally organize and distribute money for betting you will need to create and determine your own bankroll management strategies. This implies determining your stakes and the expected number of picks you will be taking over some period of time of betting. This ensures you that you will get the best statistical and most profitable results for your bets. This is essiantial to turn betting into a profitable investment. And of course, all necessary info with regards to the subject of bankroll management can also be found in our articles.

Sports betting bankroll

Finding value in sports betting

Today’s amount of betting options in the big amount of available sportbooks is almost limitless. But the amount of mistakes a bettor can make with betting is huge as well. Therefore, a careful selection of sports and leagues will be required.

In the client’s case, we will do the necessary research and analysis, so no worries.

Through our methods, we find matches in leagues that sociologically and mathematically give the best return on investment (or yield, profit) in relation to the lines and odds given by the bookmakers. These bookmakers have less knowledge and information about those leagues than our experts. The very core of finding value in betting is to create a vital advantage over the bookmakers’ odds. And that’s our service all about, you only have to place our recommended bets and watch your bankroll growing.

Take your emotions under control

Elimination of emotions is probably one of the most important traits an investor (you as a bettor) can (and must) have. This will lead to a steady long term profit on your investment. One can never allow emotions to take control over your sense of reason and logic. In that respect, special attention should be paid to avoiding betting on the team one supports. Because there could be no reasonable argument to place such a bet.

Reading betting odds

The client also has to be ready to accept poor runs (variance in sports betting) of form and has to stay devoted to our betting system. For example, it is certainly the easiest and the worst way to lose your money playing a non-analyzed bet after an unexpected loss of money, just to compensate for earlier losses. We have proven our margin against the bookmakers. So when you stick to our method, you will make some decent profit in the end.

Quality goes over quantity

Quality goes over quantity and less is more. You can never allow yourself to bet just because you need the thrill of betting. Or because you want to increase the excitement of watching a match. One has to develop patience in order to turn betting into a profitable investment. You should only play the picks of our service. These are based on information of events and leagues that are analyzed thoroughly and kept track of. In this way, we have better knowledge and access to information than the majority of bettors, thereby beating the competition by a distance.

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