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What do we do, why do we do it and who are we?

At Transparent Bets, we believe there is a better way to run a betting service. A transparent service that looks for value and profit on the long term with a low risk, instead of a high risk on the short term. We are very passionate and driven to help other people also achieve this success. Doing this we will be total transparent with you, which we think makes the big difference between us and the current market.

What do we do?

What do we do?

We provide you with the best picks currently available according to us. The algorithm that we have created analyses lots of data and calculates the chance of a bet being a high value bet. The algorithm is constantly being improved by our betting experts to make the results even better. We try to make a product that is transparent and usable for everyone.

Why do we do this?

We believe that success is only a success if it can be shared with other people. Since we have seen for ourselves that our method works, we like to help other people achieve the same results as us. For our team at Transparent Bets, it is a way to get more value out of our methods through a reasonable and fair subscription fee. This makes it a win-win for us and our customers.

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The current market mainly exists of tipsters or betting services offering fast money and great results, with flashy banners or enormous numbers of profit. We believe that online sports betting can be profitable on the long term and can be the base for a solid income. Using our methods we will give as much transparency as possible to give you good insights in your current situation. This is why we used a lot of our time to develop a personal performance tracker and real-time results for you. We believe transparency is key!

Who are we?

We are a team of young people that are driven by our passion for online sports betting, statistics, analyzing, creating and optimizing algorithms. Transparency is also one of the things that is very important for us, we strive to give you the best insights of working proces. Our team consists of: Betting analyzers, Marketing specialists, Web developers, Support employees and statistic experts. We as Transparent Bets team try to make everything as good as possible for you!

Who are we

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