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Accumulator betting

If you’ve spent time studying online sports betting sites, you will have undoubtedly come across accumulators. Many betting providers offer interesting promotions relating to this type of betting. It’s very popular, with regular bettors looking for ways to make big profits across a wide range of markets and sporting types.

Accumulators offer the excitement of having multiple selections come in for enhanced winnings in a combined bet. Apart from luck, the bettor has to bring in a good deal of his sport betting skills in order to be successful using them. In this blog, we’ll explain what accumulators are and if they’re worth the try.

What is an accumulator bet?

An accumulator bet, also known as acca, combo bet or parlay bet) is made up of multiple selections, combined in one bet. All selections must come true in order for the bet to pay out.

Because of the greater risk, the accumulator pays higher odds than if you were to place single bets. The odds are bundled together to create greater value for the bettor. However, if one of your selections loses then your accumulator bet loses in its entirety – hence the increased risk.

Most sports have accumulators available, especially football, but also horse racing and tennis.

Are accumulator bets worth it?

Accumulator bets give the bettor the chance of a big return for small stakes.

However, it should always be remembered that the increased number of variables (selections) makes it more difficult to win an accumulator bet.

Before selecting an accumulator, make sure you have researched every selection thoroughly to give yourself a good chance of winning.

So: accumulators can be worth it, but go for low stakes as the wins are less frequent but likely to be larger than the average single bet.

Accumulators are not profitable, single value bets are

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