Online Bookmaker Bonuses in the UK

In the highly competitive UK sports betting market, bookmakers are always looking for ways to attract new punters. That’s good news, but remember to always have a good look at the terms & conditons, so that you won’t be surprised later on by all kinds of restrictions. In this article, we will share with you the best bookmaker bonuses in the UK.

Top UK bookmaker bonuses

Below we list some of the most well-known types of sports betting bonuses in the UK.

Free bet bonus

The bookie will specify a betting amount that you can use to place the free bet. Again, make sure you take a good look at the terms & conditions.

A simple example. If you place a bet of £ 35 with an odd of 2.2 and you win, you’ll receive £ 38.50 instead of £77. This is because you have used the bonus of the bookie. If you lost the bet – no worries, you will only lose the free bet bonus amount.

Money back bonus

A money back bonus, also called a win-win bet means that you can place a bet at your online bookie with the money that you have deposited yourself. When you lose the bet, the bookie will refund your money. Punters will use this money back bonus especially to stake on a risky match.

Sign up bonus

Signup bonuses are used very often in the UK, most of the bookies offer them. The bookie gives you a percentage of your deposit in return as credit to play with. For example, if you make a deposit of £ 100 with a signup bonus of 40%, you’ll receive an additional £ 40 on your account given by the bookie.

You can’t just withdraw this bonus money, you first have to use it in bets a few times, most of the times also with a minimum odd, before you are able to withdraw it. Again, read the terms & conditions.