Limited by bookmakersLimited by bookmakers? This is what will happen to anyone who makes a solid profit over a big amount of bets. The European soft bookmakers will do anything to filter and eventually limit their winning players. It is important to realise that bookmakers are companies with shareholders that follow a clear business plan with the primary aim of making profit. Because there is a lot of competition in the sports betting market and in order to remain profitable, they limit winning players. When you are limited by bookmakers you are at the right place, we have found a way to work around this problem!

Asian (sharp) bookmakers and exchanges won’t limit winners!

However, before you are limited by bookmakers, you have already been able to place a lot of bets. As we said, in the end you will get limited, but luckily this isn’t the end of the world.

It just means it’s time to switch to the Asian sharp bookmakers and betting exchanges.

As explained in our articles (also in the blog), Asian sharp bookmakers won’t limit winning players. This means that they have a smaller profit margin. But why would they do that? The answer is that they can afford a lower margin because they are operating on very high volume. Asian sharp bookmakers realize a turnover which rises in the billions. With such a high turnover, a margin of 2% is still very profitable for them. In our article “How do bookmakers profit?” you can learn more about this.

Betting exchanges

Sportmarket affiliate

As opposed to normal bookmakers, betting exchanges generate a profit by charging a commission on winning bets. They mostly offer the same betting opportunities as bookmakers, with a little twist. When you are betting at bookmakers, you bet against the bookmaker. On the other hand, when you bet at betting exchanges, you bet against another bettor. This is also known as ‘backing’ and ‘laying’ of the outcome. Therefore, the business model of betting exchanges enables them to allow winning players, just like the Asian bookies.

Sportmarket, multiple bookies in one account!

When you reach the point that you are forced to switch to the Asian sharp bookmakers and betting exchanges (which isn’t a bad thing!), we strongly recommend to use Sportmarket. This is a betting brokerage service that provides a platform where you can place bets with many different Asian bookmakers and betting exchanges, all from one account. On top of that, Sportmarket places your bet with the bookmaker that offers the best odds.

Those are updated in real time and odds changes are often displayed quicker than on the bookmakers’ own sites.

This gives you a significant advantage on the market, which is fantastic.

On top of that, Sportmarket offers very high (and sometimes practically non-existent) betting limits. When your bankroll increases over time, you can adapt your stake size without any problems. Sportmarket is also very suitable for people who are on the road a lot. Their application is very easy to use on mobile devices.

The best of all: you will never ever get limited by the Asian sharp bookies and exchanges integrated with the Sportmarket brokering service!

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