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Bookmaker Payment Methods

It is important to do a little homework before selecting a betting site. Punters should especially have a closer look at bookmaker deposit methods (a.k.a. payment methods). There are a wide variety of deposit methods available, depending on your location. These include using major credit cards such as Visa and American Express, electronic payment services and money transfer services.

Below we will provide you with an overview of the most popular and – in our opinion – best payment methods on offer for online betting in the UK.

Reliable bookmaker deposit methods in the UK

Below we will show you a number of well-known deposit methods currently available in the UK, together with their most salient pros and cons.

Skrill and Neteller

Skrill and Neteller are examples of online e-wallets which are easy to create. You just go to the website and create your account. Upon creating the account, you have to verify your credentials and give in a proof of address. After completing the registration, you are ready to go. Depending on the payment method you choose, your Skrill or Neteller account will be funded instantly or within a few days. Skrill and Neteller are popular payment methods used by many punters in the UK. They are very suitable for playing the single bet of the day, because of the fast deposit possibilities.


  • Easy to create an account;
  • Almost all bookmakers accept Skrill and Neteller as deposit method;
  • Instant payments.


  • Fee charged for each transaction, approximately 1 – 2% of the total amount transferred;
  • Not entirely anonymous;
  • Usually not possible to profit from bonuses when using Skrill and Neteller

Bank Transfer

Bank transfers are completely safe and will normally take up some 2 – 5 working days.


  • No need for additional accounts;
  • Usually no additional transaction fees;
  • Accepted by most bookmakers and casinos.


  • Takes much longer compared with other payment options;
  • Bank transfer must be made manually.


PayPal is a commonly used payment method for bookmakers. The biggest benefit of using PayPal as gambling payment method is that the payments are being made almost instantly and that most of the people do already have a PayPal account.


  • Instant payments;
  • No transaction fees.


  • Not all bookmakers accept PayPal as a payment method;
  • Sometimes transaction fees are being calculated.

Bitcoin / Crypto currencies

Crypto currencies such as Bitcoin and Etherium are rapidly growing popular.


  • Fast transfers / withdrawals.


  • Not accepted yet by every bookmaker.

Credit card

The credit card is one of the most used payment methods around the world, accepted by every online sports betting bookmaker and casino. Payments are made very fast and secure.


  • Relatively safe payments;
  • Sometimes additional fees;
  • Fast processing of payments.


  • Not all creditcard companies are happy with gambling transactions, sometimes causing problems.

Paysafe cards

Paysafe cards have been around for quite a long time. They are very easy to use and you can pay totally in cash.


  • Total anonymity;
  • Both for small and large amounts of money.


  • Not all bookmakers or casinos accept paysafe cards;
  • Only possible to buy them ‘’offline’’ in a store.