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Recommended bookmakers

With the very broad arsenal of online bookmakers, we understand that it might be difficult to choose a bookmaker that suits your needs. In this betting guide, we will tell you which bookmaker(s) we recommend to use and why they should have your preference if you want to make profit with sports betting. Finally, we will learn you how you can become profitable with online sports betting by yourself!

Recommended bookmakers

All our picks can be found at the bookmaker Bet365. This is de most popular European bookmaker and offers a lot of sports and betting markets to bet on. Besides Bet365, a lot of our picks can also be placed at bookmakers like Unibet, William Hill and Pinnacle Sports.

Bookmakers in the UK

You are most likely asking yourself, what are the best bookmakers in the UK? Which bookmaker can I choose without being scammed? At which UK bookmaker can I earn some money? There are multiple online bookmakers in the UK that have a good reputation, and provide a good service. Bet365, William Hill and Sportingbet are a few good examples of bookmakers that have a good reputation in the United Kingdom.

European bookmakers

These so called European ‘soft’ bookmakers, like Bet365, are the ones you looking for if your goal is to make consistent profit with sports betting. This is because their odds are not very efficient in comparison with the Asian ‘sharp’ bookmakers.

Recommended online bookmaker

They offer very niche markets like NCAA Basketball Women in order to compete with their competitors. However, they do not have accurate statistical models for this kind of competitions, which results in wrong odds offered by the bookmaker.

Our advanced algorithm

We at Transparent Bets can take advantage of this by calculating value bets with our advanced algorithm! We provide you with the best picks currently available. The algorithm that we have created analyses lots of data and calculates the chance of a bet being a high value bet. This algorithm is constantly being improved by our betting experts to make the results even better.

So, if you want to make some decent profit with sports betting and if you have access to the recommended bookmakers mentioned above, you are at the right place here at Transparent Bets.

Transparent Bets service

We believe that success is only a success if it can be shared with other people. Since we have seen for ourselves that our method works, we like to help other people achieve the same results as us. For our team at Transparent Bets, it is a way to get more value out of our methods through a reasonable and fair subscription fee. This makes it a win-win for us and our customers.

Best online bookmakers

The current market mainly exists of tipsters or betting services offering fast money and great results, with flashy banners or enormous numbers of profit. We believe that online sports betting can be profitable on the long term and can be the base for a solid income. Try it yourself and open an account at one of our recommended bookmakers.

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