What distinguishes Transparentbets from the others?

When we started this betting service, we wanted to give it a name that was not just an eye catcher, but would actually tell something about our core values. Therefore, Transparentbets is not just some shiny or flashy name, but really what our betting service stands for: being transparent. This, combined with a clear website that provides lots of betting related information, makes it a total package deal for those who are interested in turning gambling into a solid investment.

The aim of this betting service is to be transparent in every aspect of our business so you, our dear client, will be guided through the principles of betting and what Transparentbets actually does with it to give its customers a solid ROI (Return On Investment). To actually effectuate these points instead of just giving promises to attract people, we have set some standards which we think are required to run a successful betting tipster service and have a satisfied client base. These standards are as follows:

– No shady or murky business. Transparentbets has a team of English speaking professionals (and also other languages) and provides their clients with an open and customer friendly environment where questions, feedback and further suggestions are always welcome.

– Just like the name says, Transparentbets is set up in such a way that all aspects of the betting service and the website are open and transparent to its clients. From the methods of our professional betting analysts to the results of the games, from the information provided on the website to which bets won and which ones haven’t; all aspects of Transparentbets are given to you in a clear way so everything can be checked and verified.

– Transparentbets uses real and fair odds that are taken directly from the bookmaker that gives the best odds for a certain bet. We make sure to hand these value bets over to our clients in due time so they can immediately benefit from the best offers on the market. Besides that, we do not provide odds that are simply too good to be true. Our team of professional betting analysts uses their methods to find bets with real value instead of just looking for high odds to impress the crowd. Real research and value is what brings the best profit margins in the long run.