We at Transparentbets aim to provide all the necessary information you need when it comes to betting. However, it might occur that you still have some questions, which we hope to answer with this FAQ. We have tried to cover as many questions as we could think of. If you haven’t found an answer to your question you can always contact us by live chat (bottom-right corner) or through the contact form.

Why would I buy a subscription?2020-12-27T15:47:50+01:00

At Transparentbets it is our aim to provide a stable betting service based upon proven, statistics based methods for our customers that achieve a high return on investment (ROI). With a team of experienced bettors at your side, you can be assured that what is commonly known as ‘gambling’ is actually turned into a solid investment. The service consists of regular predictions (normally on a daily basis) with an average ROI of 15%. This means that for every single currency unit you risk, you can expect to receive this unit back  1.15 times. For example, placing 100 monthly picks at 100 EUR each will already earn you 1.500 EUR, with only a very small effort. To put this into perspective, you will then increase your starting capital with 15% each month, whereas on average, investing in a reliable stock index like the S&P 500 will not return more than 10% per year.

Why am I not receiving email notifications?2020-12-27T15:47:58+01:00

This will most likely have to do with the fact that the email has been (falsely) marked as spam. To fix this, simply add no-reply@transparentbets.com to the contact book of your current email provider. If this doesn’t solve the problem immediately, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or live chat!

How do I interpret a given pick?2020-12-27T15:48:05+01:00

A predicton will mostly be pretty easy and straightforward to read, just like a team to win a game. But it can also be a little more complicated, for example when betting on an Asian Handicap. To be completely clear on this matter and for further detailed information, we have written a post that explains the betting types Transparentbets works with. You’ll soon find out that it’s actually pretty simple, but better safe than sorry!

Transparentbets, who are you?2020-12-27T15:48:11+01:00

Transparentbets is a collective of several experienced bettors who have proven to make profit by beating the market year in, year out. These experts have found their way into turning what is known as ‘gambling’ into a solid investment method and are ready to offer their skills for our customers, delivering an average ROI (or yield) of more than 15% over thousands of fully verified bets. With the current situation of questionable betting tipsters and tipster services in the industry all around, we at Transparentbets felt it was about time to offer bettors a stable and above all trustworthy alternative. Therefore, we’ve come up with a professional betting tipster service that does keep its promise and achieves to have a satisfied client base offering stats based predictions provided by our team of expert professional bettors.

Which bookies do I need to be registered with?2020-12-27T15:48:17+01:00

There is a more detailed overview of bookmakers in our blog. However, in short, TransparentBets has divided the recommended bookies into two categories: bookies for bettors with our CORE package and those who start off with our PRO package. First of all, for our PRO members, we strongly advise to use Sportmarket. This is a betting broker where you can find several asian bookmakers and also betting exchanges all in one website. For our CORE members, TransparentBets recommends to use bookies such as William Hill, Unibet and Betway. These are great for players with lower stakes and still offer a wide range of sports and betting options. In any case, it is recommended to divide your bankroll among several bookies to be able to put all of the picks at good odds.

How many picks will I receive per month?2020-12-27T15:48:22+01:00

We try to hold on to an average of at least 75 picks per month for the CORE package, which comes down to about five picks every day. We aim to give the Pro package around 125 monthly picks, since it also contains the picks from Core. Obviously, depending on the calendar and schedule of the seasons in different kinds of sports this amount will vary and can be slightly less in certain months, for example the summer period. But no worries: also during the summer season breaks, a lot of picks will be provided.

How will I receive my picks?2020-12-27T15:48:30+01:00

As soon as the carefully researched picks are ready to be shared, a notification will be sent to the clients via their registered email adress that a new tip has been published on the website. This way, Transparent Bets will always keep you up to date, to make sure you have the opportunity to place all the picks on time. You can modify the registered email address anytime you want.

How does “No profit, free subscription extension” work?2020-12-27T15:48:37+01:00

It is quite simple. If you do not reach a positive profit/loss ratio at the end of your current active subscription with the odds and picks published by Transparent Bets, your subscription will be extended in blocks of 2 weeks till you reach a positive profit/loss ratio. At this point your subscription extension will require a new payment.


Which payment methods are accepted?2020-12-27T15:48:43+01:00

Currently we accept Credit Cards and PayPal as payment methods. These options are safe, secure and easy to use.

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