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Bookmaker bonuses

We at Transparent Bets can help you making online sports betting profitable. In our articles we explain how we can beat the sports betting market in the long run. However, you’ll need some money to start with. An easy way to increase your bankroll quickly is to unlock bookmaker bonuses.

Compound growth

A lot of our customers who want to start invest their money into sports betting have a relatively small bankroll. With our profit calculator you can calculate your expected profit based on your starting bankroll. Your starting bankroll has a huge impact on your potential profits, caused by compound growth.

Compound growth is the result of reinvesting your profits, rather than paying it out. So, your profit is earned on the initial starting bankroll plus previously accumulated profit. In other words, you will reinvest your profits, which causes an exponential growth of your bankroll. An example will clarify this.

Imagine you start off with a bankroll of € 400. After 5 months you can double your bankroll with our service, which enables you to realise an average return on investment of approximately 15% per month: 400 * (1.15)^5 = € 804,54.

Bonus = free money

Especially for bettors with a smaller bankroll, bookmaker bonuses  are great to grow your betting bankroll quickly. For example, the bookie Interwetten comes up with a welcome bonus of 100% up to € 100. To unlock this bonus, your deposit amount must be staked only five times with a minimum odd of 1.7. So, when you deposit a minimum of € 100 at this bookie, you will get a € 100 bonus after you have reached a turnover of € 500. So, look out for attractive bookmaker bonuses!

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