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In the current sports betting environment, it is not easy to make consistent profit from sports betting. This mainly has to do with the fact that most bookmakers have a very high margin on their odds and a very low payout percentage as a result. It is estimated that about 98% (!) of bettors are long-term losers. To beat the bookmakers and make profit in the long run, one key precondition is required. Betting needs to be considered as a type of investment and need not be regarded as just a hobby. In these betting guides, we will explain you how we can achieve an expected return on investment of about 15%.

Single value bets

The foundation of our methods is based on placing value bets. In other words, we provide you bets where the odds don’t represent the chance of a particular outcome correctly. And of course, in our favor. This is how we can beat the bookmakers and make a decent profit from sports betting in the long run. To realize this, single type of betting becomes the most optimal system as it is the most profitable way with the biggest mathematical value.

Sports betting profit

Single type of betting with only a single event in a betting slip is the most optimal to show us if our investment has been with any success. In our articles we will explain why single betting is the way to go if you want to turn betting into a profitable investment. Also, we will explain how we get value out of these single bets to beat the bookmakers.

Bankroll management

In order to profit from this value, one needs to have an adequate stake sizing strategy, also known as bankroll management. Every month an individual needs to separate a certain amount of money as his bankroll which he can afford to lose that month because in theory, one can lose his money. Although we win more often than not, we can’t always win.

To make consistent profit with sports betting, one should approach it as a long-term investment, like a marathon.

With regards to managing your bankroll (money), the most important thing to pay attention to is your stake sizing. This is also very important to take into account if you want to make profit from sports betting. We will elaborate on this further in our article about bankroll management.

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