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Limited by bookmakers

Limited by bookmakers? This is what will happen to anyone who makes a solid profit over a big amount of bets. The European soft bookmakers will do anything to filter and eventually limit their winning players. It is important to realise that bookmakers are companies with shareholders who follow a clear business plan with the primary aim of making profit. Because there is a lot of competition in the sports betting market and in order to remain profitable, they limit winning players. When you are limited by bookmakers you are at the right place, we have found a way to work around this problem! Read on in this betting guide.

How to prevent bookmaker restrictions/limitations?

We know your feelings on restrictions. It’s the reality for winning sports bettors at European soft bookmakers. However, this needn’t be the end of your profitable way of investing money in sports betting.

Stake only with round numbers

We recommend to wach your stakes and bet in solid round numbers that aren’t likely to attract attention. For example, if you only have €67,22 in your account, it makes sense to place a bet of that size. However, if you bet the same size when you have about €1000,00 in your account, this will raises eyebrows. If you are constantly betting with such weird stakes, you will give the bookmaker signs of not being a losing player.

Restricted by bookmakers

Also, they might think that you are an arbitrage bettor, which results in restrictions instantly. Besides that, it’s also important to keep your stakes relatively low. For example, at some bookmakers all bets of €100 and over are being tracked.

Move your profit to Asian bookmakers and betting exchanges

One way to avoid restrictions is to shift any profits made with a European bookmaker to an Asian bookmaker, like Pinnacle Sports, Dafabet (IBC), SBO, or a betting exchange, such as Betfair. It’s a very simple concept. First, you need to back a short price at the European bookmaker, preferably in a betting market they like, such as England – Premier League. Then, lay this price off on the exchange or an Asian bookmaker. Of course, trying to find losers at short prices can be hard, but keep going until you lose the lot in one go at the European bookmaker. You might lose a little bit on the trade(s), but it’s a great way to extend the life of your accounts.

Play casino games

Bookmaker restrictions

Another strategy our experts agreed on is to play casino games ones in a while. Altough you might lose a little bit, it could be worth the efford as compared to the value of an unrestricted account. We recommend you to consider a couple of spins of the roulette wheel, because this online casino game has a built-in profit margin for the bookmaker. This means that the house will always win, at least in the long run.

Besides this, it’s also a good tactic to engage the cash out feature ones in a while, which takes margin from you at both ends of the bet. Altough these methods won’t bring you profit, bookmakers are looking for this kind of customers.

Open new accounts during popular times

Another very helpful tip to prevent your accounts getting limited by bookmakers is to open a new online betting account before exceptionally busy times. For example, in regular weekends when ther is a lot of betting activity, or just before the start of popular tournaments. This approach can help you to stay under the radar during the crucial first week of an account’s life. If you bet as much as you can during such busy periods, there is a greater chance you will simply come across as a recreational bettor. Together with a sign-up bonus and a few accumulator bets you will fit in with the profile of a typical recreational punter.

Use 2 dedicated devices

Finally, we recommend to use 2 different devices for all your betting related activities. For example, use 2 pc’s.

  • PC 1: you should only use this pc for all your research at websites with regard to sports betting, like odds comparison sites and a betting services like Transparent Bets. Acces these website preferably with a different IP adres, which is possible with a Virtual Private Network (VPN). This will prevent you from the tracking methods bookmakers are using.
Bookmaker limitations
  • PC2: the second is used for placing bets at all your bookmakers. This prevents that bookmakers keep tabs on the sites you visit.

In the end, winning players will be limited by bookmakers

Despite all the precautionary measures mentioned in this article, in the end winning players will be limited by bookmakers. Luckily, this isn’t the end of the world! It just means it’s time to switch to the Asian bookmakers and betting exchanges.

Asian bookmakers and betting exchanges don’t limit winning players

Asian bookmakers won’t limit winning players. This means that they have a smaller profit margin. But why would they do that? The answer is that they can afford a lower margin because they are operating on very high volume. Asian sharp bookmakers realize a turnover which rises in the billions. With such a high turnover, a margin of 2% is still very profitable for them. In our article “Bookmakers’ profit margin?” we will learn you more about this concept.

As opposed to normal bookmakers, betting exchanges generate a profit by charging a commission on winning bets. They mostly offer the same betting opportunities as bookmakers, with a little twist. When you are betting at bookmakers, you bet against the bookmaker. On the other hand, when you bet at betting exchanges, you bet against another bettor. This is also known as ‘backing’ and ‘laying’ of the outcome. Therefore, the business model of betting exchanges enables them to allow winning players, just like the Asian bookmakers.


When you reach the point that you are forced to switch to the Asian sharp bookmakers and betting exchanges (which isn’t a bad thing!), we strongly recommend to use Sportmarket. This is a betting brokerage service that provides a platform where you can place bets with many different Asian bookmakers and betting exchanges, all from one account. On top of that, Sportmarket places your bet with the bookmaker that offers the best odds.


Those are updated in real time and odds changes are often displayed quicker than on the bookmakers’ own websites. This gives you a significant advantage on the market. On top of that, Sportmarket offers very high (and sometimes practically non-existent) betting limits. When your bankroll increases over time, you can adapt your stake size without any problems. The best of all: you will never ever get limited by the Asian bookmakers and betting exchanges integrated with the Sportmarket brokering service!

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