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Just like many other European sports betting countries, Germany has a culture in which gambling and betting, in particular, hold a high place. It is considered to be a good pastime activity and this lead to a boom in the gambling industry altogether, especially sports betting Germany. However, this continuous growth of the betting and gambling sector in Germany is not consistent with what the government receives in taxes. For those of our readers that are more interested in the financial and economical point of view, we are going to resume this subject and offer you an in-depth analysis of the current situation. Until then, let’s check out some preferences of the German bettors.

Sports Betting Germany – Popular Sports

We are talking about a nation that has won the FIFA World Cup 4 times in its history, took the silver medal another 4 times and also finished third on 4 occasions. The reason for this introduction? To make it obvious why football is the most popular sport in the country. In both live audiences and when it comes to sports betting Germany, football is the undisputed king of sports.

Sports betting Germany

The Bundesliga enjoys the highest average attendances in Europe, being overtaken only by the NFL. So, in case you needed more proof that football is the favorite sport for Germans, now you have more than enough of it. The annual participation of Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund in the UEFA Champions League gives German punters plenty of reasons to back up their favorite teams and enjoy a wide range of bets as well.

Out of the entire sports betting Germany activity, almost 80% is represented by football bets while handball, tennis and ice hockey are sharing the remaining 20%.

Online Sports Betting – Data and Demographics

The German online sports betting market, as well as gambling altogether, is in line with other European nations regarding continuous growth. According to reports by the Ministry of Finance combined with independent studies from Goldmedia, the total revenue generated by Gambling in Germany is estimated at €14 billion per year. A very big portion is credited to domestic gambling such as lotteries or land based casinos and online slots. That leaves the online industry with around €4 billion, and many voices are saying this situation is generated by the lack of decision from German authorities in regards to regulating the gambling market.

Online casino, variance

Passing a Gambling Act that will apply for the entire country is quite a difficult thing to achieve because all of Germany’s 16 states have to agree on such an act for it to be applied. This leaves the online sports betting in a kind of limbo that favors remote operators. So, even if online sports betting registered a 16.6% increase in 2017 compared to its previous year, this is mostly referring to a grey market that allows European-licensed operators to offer their services a lot easier.

With or without a regulated market, 49% of German adults participated in the form of gambling activity in 2017. 21% of those gambling have ages between 26 and 40 and prefer mobile sports betting. Perhaps not surprisingly, 73% out of all bettors that enjoy online sports betting are males. Ladies should not feel offended by that remark since it is a known fact that female gamblers prefer casino games mostly.

BWIN – Case Study

Many big bookmakers operate in Germany, taking advantage of the unclear gambling law in the country. However, some operators are taking the German market for granted; it was bWin that managed to make things easier for everyone.

After getting the full attention of the German authorities by having many users on its online sports betting site, bwin was restricted from operating in Germany. A lawsuit followed, and a German court ruled in favor of the Austrian bookmaker, allowing them to still accept customers for both online and offline sports betting Germany. It’s true that the court said they would only be able to accept customers from the East part of Germany, however, western Germans can also be diverted to, the international website that is licensed in Gibraltar.

This court ruling made the German authorities efforts regarding delivering a new Gambling Law even more difficult. Moreover, this meant that all the major operators were now convinced they could safely offer their products to German punters without risking fines or being banned. This is the reason why the gambling in this country is still referred to as a grey market even today when it comes to sports betting Germany.

Best bookmakers in Germany

Top Bookmakers in Germany


After mentioning the big victory of bwin over German authorities, you might have thought that they were going to be our first recommendation. Well, they do offer outstanding services, however, bet365 are simply better.


  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Excellent in-play betting platform
  • Awesome for football bets
  • Cash out option
  • Good variety of markets



An exceptional bookmaker that stood their ground when things were tough and got rewarded with the recognition of being the first big bookmaker to operate in Germany. Bwin is perfect for any punter, has an excellent agenda of sports and bonuses, as well as very appealing odds.


  • Diversity in payment methods
  • Fast withdrawals
  • Excellent bonus system
  • Great mobile platform


  • No free livestreaming
  • Certain withdrawal methods charge a fee


Interwetten is a pioneer when it comes to online betting.  This Austrian-based bookmaker was the first to offer betting via telephone and maintained their position over the years with countless satisfied users around the world.


  • Great betting markets
  • Live streaming for all the important events
  • Live betting
  • Extremely user-friendly


  • No live-chat
  • Limited withdrawal methods

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