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Sports betting in Italy

Italy is known to be a tough sports betting country for any online betting site. Up until 2010, the Italian National Olympic Committee and the National Horse Breaders Enhancement Society were the only government-approved sports betting operators. Read further to learn more about the sports betting landscape in present day Italy.

Things took a change when the European Commission decided to investigate the situation and decided that the Italian practices were going against the EEC Treaty about the freedom of providing cross-border services and the freedom of establishment.

Starting 2010, the new Italian gambling law came into power with many amendments to be compliant with EC demands. They have established that the Amministrazione Autonoma del Monopoli di Stato will have to provide a license for any operator prior to entering the Italian market. After the legislation was modified, online sports betting revenues started to grow steadily.

Online sports betting in Italy

Online sports betting in Italy

Italians are big on football – it’s more than just a sport. Football takes almost religious ranks among certain Italians and this tradition is being passed from one generation to another. Given their love for football, it was expected that football would be the most popular sport in terms of online sports betting. Italy is so big on online gambling altogether that they occupy the second position in Europe in terms of revenue. According to the latest reports from the Polytechnic University in Milan, only the betting market in the UK is stronger, with France occupying the third place and Spain taking the fourth spot.

Sports betting statistics Italy

In 2017, a total revenue of € 9.9 billion was registered from all gambling activities across Italy. This is a huge increase compared to the € 7.5 billion in 2016. Similar to the UK, online casino games are accountable for the biggest part of the total revenue, representing over 40% out of the total gambling activities.

However, online sports betting wasn’t far behind, delivering 35% of the total revenue and registering an impressive 60% increase compared to 2016.

Some more figures. No less than 75% out of the entire sports betting revenue was made on football and 40% out of that represented bets on Serie A. Compared to 2016, the month of December 2017 registered an unbelievable 287% increase due to a new approach to stage Serie A matches during the holiday season. There were many voices that said the sports betting websites were behind this. They could be right, considering that this was the first time in history that matches were played in December, delaying the players’ holiday break until January. Apart from the huge increase in sports betting, December 2017 was also the month with the lowest pay-out rate towards players: only 75.5%.

Bet365 dominates the sports betting landscape

It is UK-based Bet365 that managed (through its Italian website) to get the first position in sports turnover with no less than 31.6%. In terms of revenue, the figure is almost half of that, but it’s still huge considering the high number of online operators that are active in Italy. Bet365 got 17.4% of the total sports betting revenue for 2017 in Italy. The runner-up, with only 7.5% turnover and 12% revenue was SKS365, better known as Planetwin365 and the bronze medal went to Snaitech with 6.9% turnover and 9.5% revenue.

Bet365 in Italy

Stats Updated July 2018

The vast majority of players agree that the quality they find at bookmakers such as Bet365 cannot be matched by any Italian-based sportsbook. They are happy that big names are allowed to offer their services in Italy. In addition, compared to the years before 2010, when the market was reserved only for Italian-based operators, the revenue that the Italian government gets from online sports betting and gambling has tripled. So, it’s safely to conclude that it is a win-win situation for the big operators as well as the state.

Best bookmakers in Italy

William Hill

Being also a UK-based bookmaker, William Hill is a good example of how tradition and consistence combine to create a solid sports betting site that is trusted all over the world. William Hill offers a great welcome bonus, awesome ongoing promotions for existing players as well as a multitude of betting options – over 150 for any football match. Italian players prefer William Hill for their fast withdrawal policy and good support.


Betway is also a preferred destination for Italian players, offering competitive odds on Serie A and other football competitions. With country-specific promotions, Betway managed to become a favourite among young Italian players and they got a big plus becoming sponsors of AS Roma.

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