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Profitable sports betting

In this article you will learn more about the sports and leagues which should be an individual’s preferred ones for profitable sports betting.


Football should best be bet on with the number of goals, also known as over/under betting. This system statistically gives the possibility of only two outcomes. Giving chances of winning of about 50:50 for level ball odds. It’s traditionally and statistically the best type of option for football betting.

It is easier to find value in lower divisions and lesser known leagues such as Swedish lower divisions, the NIFL Premiership, the Dutch Eerste Divisie, lower Swiss and Austrian divisions and Norwegian and Icelandic divisions.

Ice hockey

Compared to football, it is easier to find value in ice hockey since there is less competition of great bettors and tipsters. Like football, betting with the aforementioned over/under system is the best option for ice hockey where you will find the best value in odds.

Sports betting ice hockey

Also, focus on lower leagues where the bookmakers don´t pay enough attention to. Finnish and German second tiers are great for over betting along with the Austrian EBEL as well as the Swiss leagues.


In our view, basketball is the best sport for betting. In relation to football and ice hockey, the lines and odds tend to vary much more frequently in basketball. The lines for European basketball mostly span from 140 to 170 points, while they are higher in the NBA where they range from 190 to 230 points. Leagues from the rest of the world are Australian NBL and SEABL, Argentinian Liga Nacional de Basquet, Chinese CBA and Japanese B League.

These are the most favourable leagues for over/under and handicap betting where one can yield a good profit with our service. With the right sources of information, experience and a strong mathematical background, we have an advantage over the bookmakers. Because of this, we are a step ahead competing bettors in the leagues mentioned above.

Sports betting basketball

Our method

Transparent Bets provides a transparent service that looks for value and profit on the long term with a low risk. We are passionate and driven to help other people also achieve this success – a big difference with our competitors in the market.

Sports betting competitions

The algorithms that we have created analyse lots of data and calculate the chance of a bet being a high value bet. The algorithm is constantly being improved by our experts to make the results even better.

We believe that success is only a success if it can be shared with other people. Since we have seen for ourselves that our method works, we like to help to become profitable in sports betting. For our team at Transparent Bets, it is a way to get more value out of our methods through a reasonable and fair subscription fee.

How do we find value in sports betting?

We are looking for information about absences, about the situation in the clubs and the development of the club’s city. Most importantly, we put a great deal of emphasis on watching the games because statistics don’t reveal everything. Besides maths and statistics, also the sociological factor is of key importance to our (and your) success.

We also take into consideration a lot of in-game factors like tactics and playbooks of the teams themselves. We are convinced that by managing your betting bankroll and following our instructions here at Transparent Bets, you will succeed and beat the bookmakers as we do ourselves for many years already.

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