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Accumulator betting

Betting accumulators (acca’s), also known as combo bets, double bets or parlay bets, is a method of sports betting which is quite popular among the more recreational players, those who make a bet once in a while just for fun. This is mainly because they don’t require a high stake, yet offer a chance to win a big amount of money. As much as this may look attractive at first sight, the fact of the matter is that parlay bets are actually far from profitable in reality.

Accumulators, bookmakers’ largest source of income

Bookmakers do everything they can to make these accumulator bets look attractive to bettors. They offer things like acca insurance and this is not without good reason. Just think about it, there can be only one explanation for this:

Bookmakers advertise these accumulators so proactively because they are very profitable. More profitable than anything.

You guessed it – for the bookmaker that is, not the punter. It’s important here to realise that these bookmakers are companies with shareholders that need to make a profit. You need to know, they have to survive in what is one of the most competitive industries. It would be very irrational to invest their resources into advertising parlay bets when they actually make a loss out of them on the whole. In our article ‘how do bookmakers make profit‘, we will elaborate on this further.

Steer clear of combo / parlay bets

Bookmaker restrictions

With all of the above in mind, the most important piece of advise we’d like to give to our clients: steer clear of accumulators. Now, we’ll elaborate on why exactly parlay betting is a bad decision to make. It’s important here to switch your point of view. Looking at betting from a long term perspective, rather than making as much money as possible with a small stake and a big hit.

The first is not what betting, at least for those who take it seriously, is about. Betting, and reaching a solid amount of profit, is about the long term. Think about it. With each added game, combo bets give a much smaller chance of winning your bets. And for every game added to your betslip there is also an extra margin for the bookmaker. Moreover, they also remove the chance to benefit from the games that you did predict correctly. Only one wrong prediction is enough to lose the whole bet. If you had played all the games as single bets, you might have even ended up in profit despite losing one or even two prediction(s).

Accumulators are not profitable, single value bets are

So, to those who want to take betting seriously and want to end up in profit in the long term (which is why you are here!), we at Transparent Bets strictly advise to avoid accumulators and always go for single value bets. It has long been proven to be a way more profitable way of betting. And obviously, we aren’t implying that it’s impossible to make a big hit with an even bigger odd. But we hope you’ve come to realise by now that for every winner, there are significantly more losers.

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