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We have created a profit calculator for you so you can calculate your estimated profit before you have even started.

How is the profit being calculated?

To be able to calculate the profit we have different variables to fill. The estimated amount of money you are going to start with, also called your betting bankroll. Also we will need the type of description that you are going to choose. The profit is being calculated based on the results that we have managed to get over the past time. With the default amount of bets per month, our average stake and the average yield we are able to calculate your estimated profit.

Online Sports Betting Calculations

Profit Calculator

We are not only able to calculate your estimated profit using our profit calculator, we have also been able to made some very good formulas which make profit using sports betting matches. That they are profitable has already been proven by our results that we have managed to get over the past few years. If you play value bets it is just a matter of time before you make profit.


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Why is it important to know your estimated profit?

It can be very important to know your estimated upfront. Let’s be honest, the online betting world is not for everyone. Knowing your estimated profit upfront can help you in making the decision which package is the best fit for you. Starting with a lower bankroll, we recommend you to start with either our Core – Entry package or Core – Monthly package. If  you have a bigger bankroll available we recommend you to make use of the volume discount, and go for the Core – Quarterly package.

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