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Sports betting countries

Sports betting countries all have their own specific rules. So, before starting your betting career, it’s a good idea to have a look at the sports betting rules in your country.   

Bookmakers in different countries

Most bookmakers are based in off-shore locations. This doesn’t mean that the rules of that location apply to him. If your country does not allow betting at all, but the bookmaker enables you to make an account, you would theoretically be able to place a bet while it is not allowed by the law of your country. You could end up in trouble if you nevertheless take the risk.

Region based offers

Bookmaker Offers

You might be able to benefit from a special offer made for a specific region. Before you choose your bookmaker, have a look at all the possible offers in your country.

Apart from discounts, some bookmakers target specific groups of people. For example, it may be beneficial for a bookie to only attract people in a specific area in order to attain specific data. Why? Data is power in the sports betting industry!

Why wouldn’t you want to benefit from a little extra offer?

Sports betting countries