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sports betting explained

Sports betting explained, in this article we are going to talk about a few topics regarding online sports betting.

First things first, let’s make something clear. The online betting industry is currently full of individuals that are looking for opportunities to make some money by scamming everyone that crosses their path. If you are looking to get information we recommend you to be careful where you get your information from.

That being said, you might think: “Why should I trust Transparent Bets?”. That answer is easier than you might think. Because we are already active for a long period of time in the online betting industry, we know what we are talking about. You can see that by the honest articles on our site.

Let’s take a further look at sports betting.

What is it? Sports betting exlained.

Making a betOnline sports betting is basically making a bet against someone else, most of the times this is a Bookmaker. Both of the parties involved have a different opinion on the possible outcome of a specific event. It can be soccer, tennis or any other kind of event. Most of the times both parties stake a specific amount of money on the event. If the event has ended one should hand over their stake to the other entity.

Can you make money with sports betting?

The answer is: Yes, you can. It would be a little difficult to explain it in full detail, but we will try to give you a short description why online sports betting can be profitable.

Sports Betting HappinessFirst of all, you are your biggest enemy. Emotions, fear, excitement, joy, bad and good feelings. These all parts which you are going to experience if you are serious involved in the betting industry. Does this have to scare you? Not at all, you just have to know how to use these things in your favor!

We have proven that it is possible to make profit over a longer period of time with our bets. The strategie is to look for value bets. Placing these value bets you will have a small edge over the bookmaker. Which results in a long term profit. You can compare it with a coin flip where you would not have a 50-50% chance, but a 55-45% chance. If you are on the side with the 55% chance, you would only have to flip that coin as many times to let it even out.

Is it legal?

There are many factors in deciding if online sports betting is legal in your specific case. You can not apply a single rule to everyone to see if they are legally allowed to bet. Things that could play a part in deciding whether or not it is legal for you are:

  • The law about gambling
  • In which specific country you live
  • Whether or not you are in debt

How can I start with online sports betting?

If you decide to start betting yourself, and you are new to the industry it could be nice to have a little guideline for your journey. Not only for beginners, but also for more advanced users we have created an E-book which covers topics like: Betting Dictionary, Bankroll Management, Variance, why parlays are a bad idea and a few other topics. The E-book is exactly what you need to get your knowledge on a point to be able to start, and maybe even more important, understand how you can bet yourself.

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