The Benefits of Legal Bookmakers

Online bettor’s safety and security should always be a priority. When bettors are forbidden from gambling, it only makes them want it more. And if the law won’t allow that in a regulated fashion, criminals will be happy to offer up their services.

By forcing bettors to go underground for gambling activities, you push them into the hands of mobsters – and that’s where the real dangers arise. People could be scammed out of their life savings and there would be nothing in place to protect them from that.

Luckily, you will find many licensed bookmakers. In this blog, we will look at the benefits of licensed bookmakers – both from the punter’s point of view as well as the bookie’s.

Benefits for the bookmaker

The benefits of licensed bookmakers from the bookmaker’s point of view:

  • With a gambling license, the bookie benefits from tax advantages;
  • No risk of being prosecuted, arrested or fined for operating an online gambling or sports betting site illegally;
  • Trusted party for customers and suppliers all over the world;
  • Selling point when promoting business.

Benefits for the punter

The benefits of licensed bookmakers from the punter’s point of view:

  • Transparent terms and conditions assured;
  • Payouts of winnings are more assured with licensed bookmakers;
  • Illegal bookmakers can easily impersonate legal websites. The chance of being swindled by legal bookies is virtually zero;
  • Customer support is available.


A gambling license is one of the most important conditions for success in the gambling business. There is not a single reason for a bookmaker not to apply for it.

Punters profit equally when they make their bets only with licensed bookmakers.