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Sports betting tipster

A tipster is a person who provides information to sports bettors about the likely outcomes of sporting events. So the tipster is not the person that is actually placing the bet, but rather someone passing on information to help the sports bettor.

Tipsters are typically found in horse racing, but they are starting to pop up in other sports as well.  

Knowledge of sports in relation to the odds

A tipster is someone who has a lot of knowledge about a particular sport. He’s able to use that knowledge to help sports bettors making money. Most of the time they tend to focus on one sport, and become an expert in that field.

A sports betting tipster was more secretive in the early days of sports betting. Nowadays, their popularity grows as the popularity of (online) sports betting goes all over the world.

Most tipsters will charge a fee for their services, but some still offer free betting advice. A tipster spends a lot of time gathering information and studying recent outcomes to give bettors a solid advice. The bettor has the chance to win big, but the tipster is the one doing all the work.

How does a tipster work?

Tipsters have been around for a long time, but the way that they do business has changed considerably. A tipster used to trade information for other goods and services, but nowadays they charge a fee. Many tipsters operate websites or forums to share up-to-date information. You will need a subscription in order to have access.

Using the internet and new technology allows the tipster to share information a lot faster, getting greater influence on the various sports that are bet on.

Betting tipster

Looking for value

Tipsters don’t usually make any bets themselves, but only provide advice on the type of bets punters should make in order to be successful.

They are not in any way associated with the bookmaker and usually have much more knowledge of a particular sport than the bookmakers setting the odds. The number one job of a tipster is to help their audience win against the bookie, and they take great pride in being more right than wrong.


Tipsters are also looking for “value” in the sports betting world. If a bookmaker has set a line too high, or when a tipster thinks that there is a large gap between the odds and what he thinks that will happen, the tipster will advice a value bet. Being a tipster is not easy; it requires a lot of study and research to be able to draw up just a single tip.

Different approaches a tipster might take

There are a few different ways that a tipster will go about recommending a bet to their audience or subscribers. Most tipsters will use information that is also available to the general public. Other tipsters can be considered more as an insider, having information that is not accessible to the general public. These kind of tipsters will almost always charge a fee – and they’re hard to find.

Nowadays, the use of statistics and analytics has become more and more common among tipsters. However, in earlier days tipsters used to gather just some basic and general information about the opponents, and offer up a tip based on the odds that the bookies had set.


Most newspapers in the UK have a tipster columnist that provide tips for bettors who place bets on horse racing. The tipsters don’t have enough time or space to give an advice on every race, but they will offer up their ‘nap’ or ‘nb’ selections. A ‘nap’ is the tipster’s most confident bet of the day, while ‘nb’ stands for ‘next best’.

Winning bets

How to recognize a good tipster?

The number one aspect has of course to be the percentage of bets that turned out to be winners. A sports betting tipster will never guarantee that a bet will win, but they must stand by every tip they make.

You should find a tipster who is willing to show you these statistics, showing his yield (effectiveness) and profit (winnings). These numbers could always change in the future, but finding a tipster with a great track record should give you enough confidence.

Reputation and the number of followers are also important to consider. Almost all tipsters will charge a fee for their services, but only the best ones are actually worth the price they charge. If a tipster has lots of followers or daily subscribers, odds are that he has a pretty good track record.

A good sports betting tipster will also deliver his tips in a timely manner to his followers or subscribers. There are plenty of people out there who think they can make money on sports, but only tipsters put in the time and effort to make it happen. We will elaborate on this further in our article “betting tipsters most important criteria“.

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