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Professional sports betting

If the rules of it are respected and if it is performed at the highest possible level, professional sports betting can be a very lucrative type of investment. Professional bettors combine the most vital ingredients in their picks such as effort, time, knowledge and intelligence to be able to live off of the profit. We at Transparent Bets sell our knowledge and work for a reasonable fee to other ambitious people. People who are dedicated and willing to follow the main rules of profiting from sports betting.

Professional bettors only focus on single bets

The most basic definition of professional betting states that it is a type of investment for bettors to actually be able to solely live off. The absolutely sacred principle of these professionals is pure single betting.

They never succumb to accumulators or all sorts of system type betting offered by the bookmakers.

They know that with singles they give themselves the best possible chance of winning by narrowing down the theoretical mathematical chances of winning to a ratio of 50:50. Then they have to find picks that actually have a higher practical probability of winning than 50% with an odd that is big enough to make a profit. For example, an odd of 2 with a probability of winning of 60% is a great bet. This is called a value bet. By placing enough of these bets, one can expect to have a yield of 20% easily calculated using the formula: probability * odds – stake. Which gives 0.60 *2 – 1 = 0.20 or 20% yield. A yield of 20% is the same as a profit of 20%  in the long term. Applying the law of large numbers.* This is huge!

Don’t be tempted by bookmakers

The existing bookmakers are operating so well and new bookmakers come about every single day with the speed of light. That is because the great majority of people fall for the tricks of the bookmakers who entice betting on accumulators or betting slips with multiple events. We have already concluded in one of our other articles that this gives bettors the worst and smallest chances of winning. Everyone who has ever placed even a single sports bet will probably have fantasized about becoming wealthy over night. But, this is a little too optimistic without taking irresponsible risks. As we mentioned earlier, it is possible by hitting a big accumulator bet with an even bigger odd. But this is very unlikely. You might as well buy a lottery ticket.

Turn betting into a profitable investment

Professional sports betting requires patience. It is a long-term system which averaged an expected profit of 15% at Transparent Bets. For example, if you want to be continuously successful with single bets with at odds of 2.00 (which is just an example). This will take an average hit rate (the amount of bets that are winners) of at least 60 % to achieve a yield of 20 %. This means that you would have to win 60 singles out of every 100 of you play. Now, this is possible, but very difficult.

With that being said, a yield of 15 % will already give you a massive profit over time.

With betting singles and strictly following the instructions of our service, you can expect to make a solid profit as well. To get a clearer picture of it, you can use our profit calculator. You can play around with the numbers of your bankroll to see how your bankroll will grow, using our service.

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